søndag 16. august 2015

Revtangen August 16th - waders in numbers

The rain and SE strongs winds on Saturday produced a new arrival of waders ar Revtangen, and today was all about wader ringing. 10 walk-in traps and 10 spring traps at Revtangen from 09.30-18.30 kept us busy all day. Cloudy, light winds from the south, a few light showers.

Ringed: Oystercatcher 1, red knot 57, dunlin 330, little stint 13, sanderling 1, bar-tailed godwit 2, common ringed plover 2, turnstone 15, starling 3. Total = 424. Also 3 controls, an adult dunlin from Svalbard, another adult dunlin with a Norwegian ring and an adult red knot with a British ring.

Ringmerket: Tjeld 1, polarsnipe 57, myrsnipe 330, dvergsnipe 13, sandløper 1, lappspove 2, sandlo 2, steinvender 15, stær 3. Total = 424. Også to fremmedkontroller av norskmerkede myrsniper samt en adult britiskmerket polarsnipe.  

The first common ringed plovers (both adults) of the season was ringed today. Birds are ringed as part of the Norwegian common ringed plover flag project, with a yellow flag with a 3-letter inscription. A red marker on the left tibia is not visible in the picture. Please report any sightings to the project leader Kjell Mork Soot at kjellmorksoot@fugler.com. Sandlo 2K+.

Adult dunlin from the Svalbard dunlin project trapped at Revtangen today. Dunlins from Svalbard only are ringed with orange flag with a 3-letter inscription on the right tibia, and an orange marker on the left tibia. Please report any sightings to the project leader Kjell Mork Soot at kjellmorksoot@fugler.com
Flaggmerket myrsnipe fra Svalbard.

Observations: Hundreds of oystercatchers were moving south, noteworthy movements also of lesser black-backed gulls. At least 1000 dunlins busy with feeding and resting at Revtangen today, accompanied by at least 50 each of sanderling and turnstone, 100+ red knots and 20 little stints. 1-2 peregrines chased them around a few times. 

Asbjørn Folvik, Håvard Husebø, Alf Tore Mjøs, Bjørn Mo. 7 visitors.  


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