mandag 4. desember 2017

Revtangen BO December 2nd

Cloudy, very little wind. Rain from 11. Nets open 08.30-11. Playback on Fieldfare at dawn, then Redpoll. Netmeter hours approx. 750. 

Ringed: Common Blackbird 5, Redwing 1, Fieldfare 6, Great Tit 1, Blue Tit 1, Tree Sparrow 3, Chaffinch 1, Greenfinch 1, Maly Redpoll 1, Arctic Redpoll 1, Yellowhammer 3. Total = 24. Also 11 controls. 

Observations: Black Woodpecker 1, Sparrowhawk 1 (ate a Common Snipe in the trapping garden). 

Renate Berg and Espen Helgesen

onsdag 29. november 2017

Revtangen BO November 29th

Light northeasterlies and mostly sunny. 1,5 degrees at 08. Nets open 09-15, netmeter hours approx. 1600. Playback on Redpoll and Yellowhammer. 

Ringed: Common Blackbird 1, Goldcrest 1, Blue tit 1, House Sparrow 1, Tree Sparrow 8, Mealy Redpoll 29, (Coue's) Arctic Redpoll 4, Lesser Redpoll 4, Yellowhammer 1. Total = 50. Also 7 controls. 

4 Arctic Redpolls among the 37 Redpolls trapped today. Polarsisik.

Ringmerket: Svarttrost 1, fuglekonge 1, blåmeis 1, gråspurv 1, pilfink 8, gråsisik 29, polarsisik 4, brunsisik 4, gulspurv 1. Total = 50. Også 7 kontroller. 

Bird Observatory: Sparrowhawk 1, Black Woodpecker 1, Bohemian Waxwing 1, Song Thrush 1. 

Reve kai: Grey Wagtail 1, Pied Wagtail 2. 

The long-staying british-ringed Pied Wagtail male is still at Revekaien. 

Also a 1cy Pied Wagtail together with the adult today. Svartryggerle 1K.

Grey Wagtail at Revekai. Vintererle.

Haavard Husebö, Alf Tore Mjös and Morten Stokke.

tirsdag 28. november 2017

Revtangen BO November 28th

NNE breeze, too strong for some nets and only the nets around the feeder was in use 09-14. Netmeter hours approx. 650. Playback on Yellowhammer. Alle the nets north of the buildings were dismantled for the winter. 

Ringed: Winter Wren 2, Common Blackbird 11, Blackcap 1, Blue Tit 1, Great Tit 1, House Sparrow 1, Tree Sparrow 10, Chaffinch 2, Yellowhammer 4. Total = 33. Also 5 controls. 

Observations: Sparrowhawk 1, Twite 2, Parrot Crossbill 1. Also a few small flocks of Redpolls. 

Haavard Husebö and Alf Tore Mjös

onsdag 22. november 2017

More recoveries

The weathers has pretty much prevented ringing so far in November. There have been 3 days with decent weather, but all were unfortunately blocked by meetings at the museum. But controls and recoveries keep coming, and this posting presents some new wader recoveries.

Bar-tailed Godwit (Lappspove)

DA31361 1cy Revtangen 18.09.2009
Controlled by ringer Snettisham, Norfolk, UK 5.8.2015

K03573 1cy F Revtangen 01.10.2013
Sick, died later, Hallig Nordstrandischmoor, Nortfrisian islands, Germany 27.05.2016

K04703/NAA 1cy Revtangen 11.09.2016
Colour flag read Burghead, Grampian, UK 01.10.2016
Colour flag read Hopeman, UK 06.10.2016

DA45456/CAA 1cy Revtangen 11.09.2016
Colour flag read Redcar Beach, Cleveland, UK 03.-07.10.2016
Colour flag read Snettisham, Norfolk, UK 21.08.2017. Also reported twice from UK in October 2016.

DA45458/CAE 1cy Revtangen 11.09.2016
Colour flag read Balcomie Bay, Crail, Fife, UK 05.10., 14.10 and 01.11.2016

7218400/NHP 1cy Revtangen 29.09.2017
Colour flag read Black Rock Strand, Ballinprior, Kerry, Ireland 15.11.2017

7218393/NAH 1cy Revtangen 29.09.2017
Colour flag read North Killingholme, Lincolnshire, UK 06.11.2017

K04728/NEV 1cy Revtangen 29.09.2017
Colour flag read Hatton, Tayside, UK 07.11.2017

7218383/NCE 1cy Revtangen 09.09.2017

Colour flag read Den Oever, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands 27.10.2017

 Common Ringed Plover (Sandlo)

8B46856/LCS 1 cy Revtangen 03.09.2014
Colour flag read Sainte Marie du Mont, Manche, France 10.05.2017

8B46850/LCH 1cy Revtangen 02.09.2014
Colour flag read Skegness, UK 28.09.2014
Colour flag read St. Guenole, Penmarch, Finistére, France 12.09.2016

8B45418/PPV 2cy+ Makkevika, Giske, Møre & Romsdal 20.08.2015
Colour flag read Kolnes, Sola, Rogaland 31.08.2017

Red Knot (Polarsnipe)

7366674 1cy Revtangen 7.9.2002
Shot, Baie des Veys, Manche, France 13.09.2015.
15 years after ringing.

Dunlin (Myrsnipe)

8L27565 1cy Revtangen 28.08.2008
Controlled by ringer Schiermonnikoog, Friesland, The Netherlands 22.09.2017

8N59787 1cy Revtangen 16.8.2015
Controlled Kwelderpad, Schiermonnikoog, The Netherlands 17.10.2015

8M60055 1cy Revtangen 12.09.2010
Controlled by ringer Ottenby, Øland, Sweden 15.07.2016

8N56726 1cy Revtangen 28.08.2014
Controlld by rinhger Beaumaris, Anglesey, UK 05.03.2016

8N59618 1cy Revtangen 12.08.2015
Controlled by ringer Llanfairfechan, Gwynedd, UK 23.01.2016

8N58726 1cy Makkevika, Giske, Møre & Romsdal 26.09.2017
Controlled Revtangen 29.09.2017

8M68668 1cy Makkevika, Giske, Møre & Romsdal 21.08.2017
Controlled Revtangen 26.08.2017

Curlew Sandpiper (Tundrasnipe)

8N59344/EES 1cy Revtangen 03.09.2014
Colour ring read Dena Estuary, Pntevedra, Spain 12.-27.09.2014

8N56555/EPE 1cy Revtangen 22.08.2016
Colour flag read Beacon Lagoons, Spurn, Humberside, UK 25.07.2016

Little Stint (Little Stint)

2E06749/SMJ 1cy Revtangen 17.08.2015
Colourring read Nærlandsstranden, Hå, Rogaland 20.08.2015
Colorring read Fanø Strand, Syddanmark, Denmark 26.08.2015
Colour ring read Fanø Strand, Syddanmark, Denmark 21.-24.07.2016

2E06758/SMX 1cy Revtangen 04.08.2016
Colourring read, Hartkornsværn, Nørre Nebel, Denmark 07.08.2016

2E06728/SJC 1cy Revtangen 12.08.2015
Colourring read, Foce Regi Lagni, Napoli, Italy 10.09.2015

Sanderling (Sandløper)

8M60789 1cy Revtangen 19.08.2012
Controlled by ringer Heacham, Norfolk, UK 26.07.2017

Common Redshank (Rødstilk)

7366311 1cy Revtangen 21.08.2001.
Controlled by ringer Pastura D'Arnaccio, Pisa, Livorno, Italy 24.04.2014 (12, years, 8 months)

7218391 2cy+ Revtangen  09.09.2017
Colour flag read Fremington Pill, Devon, UK 22.10. and 15.11.2017

Green Sandpiper (Skogsnipe)

8B46883/SJS 1cy Revtangen BO 24.7.2016
Found dead, Aubigny, Vendee, France 6.1.2017

8B46898/SLJ 1cy Revtangen BO 22.08.2016
Shot, Naujan-et-Postiac, Gironde, France 27.11.2016

8B46893/SMZ 1cy Revtangen BO 17.08.2016
Colour flag read, Carlton Marshes, Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK 22.-23.04.2017

8B81949/ZAV 1cy Revtangen BO 08.08.2017
Colour flag read Cley Marshes, Norfolk, UK 01.09.2017

Turnstone (Steinvender)

7541221 1cy Revtangen 12.08.2010
Ring number red from photo, Somerluoto, Hamina, Kymi, Finland 08.07.2015

7541354 1cy Revtangen 14.08.2010
Metal ring read from photo Faludden, Gotland, Sweden 10.07.2016

Eurasian Woodcock (Rugde)

1cy Revtangen BO 09.11.2010
Shot, Teignmouth, Devon, UK 16.12.2016

Alf Tore Mjøs

torsdag 9. november 2017

Revtangen BO November 3rd

Predominantly light SW, cloudy. Nets open 07-12, netmeter hours approx. 1600. Playback on Redwing, Common Blackbird and Fieldfare at dawn, later on Grey Wagtail, Redpoll and Yellowhammer. 

Ringed: Lesser Spotted Woodpecker 1, Grey Wagtail 1, Winter Wren 1, European Robin 1, Redwing 19, Common Blackbird 4, Fieldfare 5, Blackcap 2, Chiffchaff 1, Goldcrest 1, Blue Tit 5, Great Tit 1, Common Starling 2, House Sparrow 3, Chaffinch 1, Brambling 10, Greenfinch 2, Mealy Redpoll 24, Lesser Redpoll 4, Yellowhammer 10. Total= 98. 

Observations: White-tailed Eagle 1, Grey Wagtail 1, European Goldfinch 5, Common Crossbill 5. 

Haavard Husebö and Alf Tore Mjøs

lørdag 28. oktober 2017

Recent recoveries - waders

This autumn was a good one for wader ringing, and close to 1400 were ringed. Of these, around 230 have been colourringed, mostly with coded flags with a 3-letter code. The whole ringing operation at Revtangen BO was centered on wader ringing for several decades before mist-nets were introduced in the late 50ties, and wader ringing is still the highest priority in July-early September. 

So far the wader ringing in autumn 2017 have resultet in a few interesting sightings, and the most interesting was a Redshank:


7608514/ON(ECV) 1cy Revtangen 27.08.2017
Photographed, Caleta de Fuste, Fuerteventura, Canary islands/Spain 13.10.2017. This is the first recovery of a Norwegian-ringed Redshank in the Canary Islands.

1cy Redshank at Fuerteventura on October 13th. Photo: Nick Bond.

Other reports so far of birds ringed in 2017:

Bar-tailed Godwit/Lappspove:

NOS K04710/YN(NAU) 1 cy Revtangen 06.09.2017
Photodocumented Black Rock, Ballinprior, Ireland 27.09.2017 

7218386/YN(NCM) 1 cy M Revtangen 06.09.2017
Photodocumented Black Rock, Ballinprior, Ireland 17.09.2017 

 NOS 7218399/YN(NHA) 1 cy M Revtangen 29.09.2017
Photodocumented, Hauxley, Northumberland, UK 11.10.2017

NOS K04740/YN(NHV) 1 cy F Revtangen 29.09.2017
Photodocumented Boulmer, Northumberland, UK 11.10. and 09.11.2017

SFH BT047892 Pullus Utsjoki, Lappi, Finland 01.07.2017
Controlled, colour-flag YN(NAS) added, Revtangen 06.09.2017. Less than 100 Bar-tailed Godwits have ever been ringed in Finland, and this was the first recovery of a Finnish-ringed Bar-tailed Godwit in Norway. 

Little Stint/Dvergsnipe

E211505/YN(SNE) 1 cy Revtangen 27.08.2017
Photodocumented Marker Wadden, Lelystad, Ijsselmeerpolders, The Netherlands 01.09.2017

Common Ringed Plover/Sandlo

8B81806/YN(LHN) 1 cy Revtangen 30.08.2017
In flock of 50 birds at Oostende, Terschelling, The Netherlands 24.09.2017. Also a colour-ringed Common Ringed Plover from Jomfruland BO in the same high-tide roost flock. 


8E02225/ON(AHC) 1 cy Longyearbyen, Svalbard (Spitsbergen) 13.08.2012
Colour-flag read at Revtangen 31.07.2017. This birds was previously sighted back at Svalbard in June 2013, then at Utopia, The Netherlands in 21.06.2016. 

8435668 1cy Revtangen 30.08.2017
Controlled by ringers Greenabella Marsh, Greythorpe, Hartlepool, UK 13.09.2017

Alf Tore Mjös

mandag 23. oktober 2017

Revtangen BO October 23rd

Finally the wind settled, in the morning there was almost no wind but later on gradually increasing from the east. Part cloudy, around 8 degrees in the morning. Nets open 07.30-14.30, netmeter hours approx. 2500. Playback on Common Blackbird and Redwing around dawn, later on European Goldfinch, Yellowhammer and Grey Wagtail. 

Ringed: Great Spotted Woodpecker 5, White Wagtail 1, Winter Wren 6, Common Blackbird 12, Fieldfare 4, Song Thrush 4, Redwing 10, Blackcap 3, Chiffchaff 1, Goldcrest 2, Willow Tit 1, Blue Tit 17, Great Tit 3, Tree Sparrow 4, Chaffinch 1, Brambling 1, Greenfinch 4, European Goldfinch 1, Mealy Redpoll 4, Yellowhammer 2. Total = 86. 

Haavard Husebö and Alf Tore Mjös.