søndag 29. april 2018

Revtangen BO April 29th

NNE turning NNW, 8-10 m/s. Clears skies, but only 2 degrees in the morning. Nets open 05.30-19.30, netmeter hours approx. 3900. 

The first Sedge Warbler of the season was trapped today. Sivsanger.

Ringed: Song Thrush 1, Sedge Warbler 1 (first this season), Blackcap 2, Willow Warbler 6, Chiffchaff 1, House Sparrow 1, Chaffinch 2, Greenfinch 1, Eurasian Siskin 2 (first this season). Total = 17. Also 6 controls. 

Eurasian Siskin, 3cy+ male. Grønnsisik 3K+ M

Observations: European Golden Plover 400 (approx), European Goldfinch 2+. Migrating Red-throated Loons numbered 40 in a sample count 07.15-08.15 past Revtangen, apart from that little visible migration. 

Alf Tore Mjös

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