onsdag 18. mars 2015

Revtangen BO March 18th

Nice weather and almost no wind early in the day. Nets were up from around 07.30-15, netmeter-hours were approx. 2200. A few blackbirds around, otherwise still too early for any significant arrival of migrants. We continued preparing the foundations for the new garden pond, and eradicatet some Rosa rugosa from parts of the trapping area where we don't want this invasive plant.

Ringed: Blackbird 6, great tit 1, treecreeper 1, tree sparrow 2, house sparrow 5, yellowhammer 1. Total = 16. 

Treecreepers are scarce at Revtangen. 279 have been ringed since the first one was caught in 1959, but this is only the second ever in spring.  

Håvard Husebø and Alf Tore Mjøs

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