mandag 8. januar 2018

Revtangen BO January 5th

Nice weather with mostly sunny/part cloudy and very little wind. Nets open 08.30-17.30, netmeter hours approx 2300. Playback on Fieldfare in the afternoon. Still unusually many thrushes around, and the 2018 season got off to an excellent start.

Ringed: Collared Dove 1, Winter Wren 2, Common Blackbird 3, Redwing 10, Fieldfare 49, Tree Sparrow 4, House Sparrow 2, Chaffinch 5, Brambling 1. Total = 77. Also 9 controls. 

Redwing 2cy. Good numbers of Redwings and Fieldfares are wintering in Norway this season, in part because thare are lots of rowanberries in central Norway, in particular in Nordland county.

Haavard Husebö, Alf Tore Mjös and Jörgen Rosvold.

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