fredag 24. april 2015

Revtangen BO April 17th

This year the weather is certainly not doing us any favours. April so far has been cold and windy, and the wind has mostly been in the W-N sector. That's why there have been few updates....these conditions simply don't allow trapping at Revtangen BO. 

Today there was a little break with light northeasterlies, but still cold and part cloudy. Nets were up from 06-14.30, netmeterhours approx. 2800. 

Ringed: Meadow pipit 1, white wagtail 1, robin 3, blackbird 2, chiffchaff 1, chaffinch 2, yellowhammer 4. Total = 14. 

1 visitor. 

Håvard Husebø.

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