søndag 8. november 2015

Revtangen BO November 7th

Bad weather with wind and rain during the night, which cleared and calmed in the morning. No trapping around dawn, but most nets up 08.30-14.30. Light winds mostly from the western sector. Netmeter hours approx. 2000. Playback on grey wagtail, redpoll, fieldfare and yellowhammer. 

Ringed: Grey wagtail 1, european robin 1, redwing 3, common blackbird 17, fieldfare 2, goldcrest 2, blue tit 4, house sparrow 1, tree sparrow 1, chaffinch 1, brambling 1, greenfinch 3,  mealy redpoll 2. Total = 39. Also 12 controls. 

The 116th grey wagtail at Revtangen in 2015. Vintererle nummer 116 på Revtangen OS i 2015. 

Ringmerket: Vintererle 1, rødstrupe 1, rødvingetrost 3, svarttrost 17, gråtrost 2, fuglekonge 2, blåmeis 4, gråspurv 1, pilfink 1, bokfink 1, bjørkefink 1, grønnfink 3, gråsisik 2. Total = 39. Også 12 kontroller.   

Observations: Grey wagtail 5. A few flocks of eurasian siskin flying over, otherwise not much visible migration. Around midday when the wind picked up a little there was a steady passage of auks (razorbills and little auks, a few common guillemots), perhaps around 150/hour, past Revtangen. Also a few kittiwakeas and red-throated loons migrated south. 

Alf Tore Mjøs

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