mandag 22. juni 2015

Revtangen BO June 21st

Finally a day with only light winds, but mainly from the W. Nets up 09-17, netmeter hours approx. 2500. 

Ringed: Blackbird 1, common whitethroat 1, house sparrow 18, tree sparrow 1, chaffinch 10, greenfinch 1, lesser redpoll 4, siskin 1. Total = 37. Also 25 controls, including a lesser whitethroat ringed in May 2014.

Ringmerket: Svarttrost 1, tornsanger 1, gråspurv 18, pilfink 1, bokfink 10, grønnfink 1, brunsisik 4, grønnsisik 1. Total = 37. 

In the afternoon we found this odd couple sitting in the grass. They are Pine sawflies (Diprion pini), male (top) and female. Vanlig furubarveps.

Alf Tore Mjøs

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