fredag 3. juli 2015

Revtangen BO July 2nd

Summer suddenly arrived, and this afternoon we reached 28 degrees which is by far the warmest day of the year. The winds were quite strong from the SE, ony a few nets were open around the feeder from around 9-13.

Ringed: Barn swallow 4 pulli, willow warbler 1, house sparrow 12, greenfinch 2. Total = 19. Also 4 controls.

Ringmerket: Låvesvale 4 pulli, løvsanger 1, gråspurv 12, grønnfink 2. Total = 19. Også 4 kontroller. 

Today was mainly about garden work, and the main project was the construction of the new garden pond. The digging was done last summer, and today we put down the underlayment and rubber pond liner. We also filled it half-way up to check for leaks. So far it looks good!

In July the content of the moth traps are often more interesting than the birds. We use 3 Robinson-traps to record nocturnal lepidoptera and other insects. The warm night brought us two new species never before recorded at Revtangen BO: Ruby Tiger (Phragmatobia fuliginosa) and Red-necked Footman (Atolmis rubricollis).
Ruby Tiger. Rustvingespinner

 Red-necked Footman. Rødhalslavspinner. 

Håvard Husebø and Alf Tore Mjøs. 2 visitors.

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