fredag 5. juni 2015

Revtangen BO June 5th

SE light winds in the morning, turning SSE and increasing. Part cloudy, later mostly sunny. From 10 it was too windy for any efficient trapping with mist nets. Nets open 06-12, netmeter hous approx. 2000. The temperature rose from 8-18 degrees during the day, the warmest we've had so far this year. 

Ringed: Wood pigeon 1, fieldfare 2, sedge warbler 1, marsh warbler 1, common whitethroat 1, lesser whitethroat 1, blackcap 2, chiffchaff 1, great tit 1, starling 1, house sparrow 3, chaffinch 1, siskin 11, lesser redpoll 15, mealy redpoll 2, linnet 3. Total = 47. Also a control of a tree sparrow with a Norwegian ring not from Revtangen, very unusual indeed..... The first (very recently) fledged linnet was also trapped today. 

Marsh warbler. The first spring record at Revtangen BO since 2008, and the 13th ringed in total. Myrsanger. Første vårfunn på Revtangen OS siden 2008, og den 13. totalt på stasjonen.

Ringmerket: Ringdue 1, gråtrost 2, sivsanger 1, myrsanger 1, tornsanger1, møller 1, munk 2, gransanger 1, kjøttmeis 1, stær 1, gråspurv 3, bokfink 1, grønnsisik 11, brunsisik 15, gråsisik 2, tornirisk 3. Også en fremmedkontroll av pilfink.   

Still rather cold during the night and our two Robinson-traps contained only 5 moths this morning. This Silver Y (Autographa gamma) was one of them, in addition to another Silver Y, a Small Square-spot (Diarsia rubi), a Broom Moth (Ceramica pisi) and a Puss Moth (Cerura vinula).

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