lørdag 30. mai 2015

Revtangen BO May 30th

We managed a few hours of ringing today, nice and only a light shifting breeze in the morning but the wind turned NW again from around 9 and trapping was slow after that. Nets up 06-13, Netmeter-hours approx. 2300.

Ringed: Collared dove 6, barn swallow 1, meadow pipit 1, chiffchaff 1, house sparrow 6, tree sparrow 1, chaffinch 1, siskin 2, lesser redpoll 8, linnet 2. Total = 29. Also 10 controls. The first juvenile house sparrows of the season were trapped.

Ringmerket: Tyrkerdue 6, låvesvale 1, heipiplerke 1, gransanger 1, gråspurv 6, pilfink 1, bokfink 1, grønnsisik 2, brunsisik 8, tornirisk 2. Total = 29. Også 10 kontroller. De første juvenile gråspurvene ble fanget i dag. 

May 2015 has officially been the coldest in 36 years in southern Norway, and also one of the wettest. And also one of the poorest spring totals for Revtangen BO in a long time....very few days with weather conditions that allowed any trapping. 

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