mandag 21. september 2015

Revtangen BO September 21st

Bad weather and strong wind, mainly from the north and northwest, has prevented ringing a few days. Today the conditions were close to perfect for trapping in the morning, almost no wind and light clouds. Around noon the sun came out and the wind shifted towards S-SW. Nets up 06-14, netmeter hours approx. 2900. Playback on garden warbler and yellow-browed warbler throught the night and early morning, tree pipit, meadow pipit and grey wagtail later on. A nice day with both quantity and quality took the 2015-total past 4000 birds.

Ringed: Water rail 1, meadow pipit 65, tree pipit 8, grey wagtail 15(!!), winter wren 4, european robin 2, grasshopper warbler 1, garden warbler 2, blackcap 13, yellow-browed warbler 1, chiffchaff 5, goldcrest 3, blue tit 1, house sparrow 1, tree sparrow 4, starling 1, greenfinch 2, linnet 1, eurasian siskin 38, reed bunting 1, yellowhammer 4. Total = 173.

Ringmerket: Vannrikse 1, heipiplerke 65, trepiplerke 8, vintererle 15 (!!), gjerdesmett 4, rødstrupe 2, gresshoppeanger 1, hagesanger 2, munk 13, gulbrynsanger 1, gransanger 5, fuglekonge 3, blåmeis 1, gråspurv 1, pilfink 4, stær 1, grønnfink 2, tornirisk 1, grønnsisik 38, sivspurv 1, gulspurv 4. Total = 173.

Another quality day started off with water rail and....

yellow browed warbler on the first round after dawn, and continued with a record...

15(!!) grey wagtails caught with playback by the new garden pond. 
We finished off with this grasshopper warbler, it bounced twice from the nets in the morning and hid in the bushes all day before we trapped it in the early afternoon. 

Observations: Hen harrier 2, grey wagtail around 50, most flying north, blyth's reed warbler 1 (retrap from the 16th). 

Haavard Husebö and Alf Tore Mjös. 2 visitors.

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