onsdag 9. september 2015

Revtangen BO September 9th

Strong north- and northwesterlies have prevented any trapping of migrants at Revtangen BO the last four days. This morning was clear, cool and with only a very faint eastern wind, and the nets "trapped" a lot of dew before the sun came out. But they trapped a fair number of birds also, since playbck on garden warbler and reed warbler dropped a morning rush of more than 50 warblers into the nets. Nets up 06-19, netmeter hours approx. 4700. Playback on tree pipit and meadow pipit through the day, an effort with playback on grey wagtail produced no result despite quite a few fly-over candidates.  

Ringed: Meadow pipit 51, tree pipit 6, winter wren 2 (first this autumn), european robin 3, bluethroat 1, redwing 1, reed warbler 2, sedge warbler 4, garden warbler 12, blackcap 27, common whitethroat 5, lesser whitethroat 1, willow warbler 2, chiffchaff 1, yellow-browed warbler 1, goldcrest 7 (first this autumn), house sparrow 7, tree sparrow 1, linnet 1. Total = 135. Also 4 controls. 

Ringmerket: Heipiplerke 51, trepiplerke 6, gjerdesmett 2, rødstrupe 3, blåstrupe 1, rødvingetrost 1, rørsanger 2, sivsanger 2, hagesanger 12, munk 27, tornsanger 5, møller 1, løvsanger 2, gransanger 1, gulbrynsanger 1, fuglekonge 7, gråspurv 7, pilfink 1, tornirisk 1. Total = 135. Også 4 kontroller. 

Bluethroat is a scarce species at Revtangen, less than annual and this is the 64th ringed at the bird observatory. The greater covert wing bar created by tawny well-defined notches on the feather tips identifies it as a 1 cy, and the lack of any blue in the breast band means it's a female. Blåstrupe 1K hunn.

This yellow-browed warbler is number 36 at Revtangen BO, and the earliest autumn record ever (one from September 11th 2003 was the earliest so far).

Observations: Hen harrier 3, goshawk 2, sparrowhawk 12+, kestrel 7+, common buzzard 2, grey wagtail 6+, yellow wagtail 1, red-throated pipit 1 flew over. 

This peacock butterfly was the first recored in the station garden in 2015. Dagpåfugløye, den første på stasjonen i 2015.

Håvard Husebø and Alf Tore Mjøs. 11 visitors.

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