mandag 5. oktober 2015

Revtangen BO October 5th

A clear night and a cold morning brought a good fall of migrants at dawn, particularly goldcrests, winter wrens, european robins and blackcaps. Nets up 06-16, netmeter hours approw. 3600. Playback on yellow-browed warbler and garden warbler through the night, goldcrest, grey wagtail and olive-backed pipit later on. 

Ringed: Sparrowhawk 1, grey wagtail 14, winter wren 19, european robin 15, common blackbird 5, redwing 9, song thrush 5, blackcap 14, chiffchaff 4 (including 2 tristis), yellow-browed warbler 3, goldcrest 73, blue tit 8, great tit 1, eurasian treecreeper 3, chaffinch 5, brambling 6, eurasian siskin 1, yellowhammer 1, reed bunting 3, little bunting 1. Total = 191.  Also 6 controls, including a goldcrest from Finland and a goldcrest from somewhere else in Norway. 

Ringmerket: Spurvehauk 1, vintererle 14, gjerdesmett 19, rødstrupe 15, svarttrost 5, rødvingetrost 9, måltrost 5, munk 14, gransanger 4 (inkl. 2 tristis), gulbrynsanger 3, fuglekonge 73, blåmeis 8, kjøttmeis 1, trekryper 3, bokfink 5, bjørkefink 6, grønnsisik 1, gulspurv 1, sivspurv 3, dvergspurv 1. Total = 191. Also 6 controls, including a goldcrest from Finland and a goldcrest from somewhere else in Norway. Også 6 kontroller inkl. en fuglekonge fra Finland.

The arrivals from the east keep coming. 3 new yellow-browed warblers took the 2015-total to 18, and the last one this afternoon was hanging in a mist-net next to the first little bunting of the season. Gulbrynsanger og dvergspurv. Photo: Trond Ove Stakkeland.

The species of the day was goldcrest, no doubt. This one had a ring from Finland.

Observations: Red-throated diver 40 migrating south, hen harrier 5, gyr falcon 1 (1 cy), peregrine 1, kestrel 1, grey wagtail 25 north, richard's pipit 1, lapland bunting 1. 

A very dark 1 cy gyr falcon came in from the sea and spent some time preening on this fence post. 

A late painted laidy (Vanessa cardui) frequented the garden most of the day. Tistelsommerfugl.

Ingvald Ekeland, Håvard Husebø, Alf Tore Mjøs, Morten Stokke and Mark Thomson. 2 visitors. 

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