torsdag 20. august 2015

Revtangen August 17th - continued wader ringing

The numbers of waders were slightly down from yesterday, in particular sanderlings and red knots had left during the night or early morning. But still worth a trapping effort, and we put out 9 walk-in traps and 10 spring traps from around 9-18.

Ringed: Red knot 8, dunlin 223, sanderling 4, little stint 12, common ringed plover 4, common sandpiper 1, turnstone 10, starling 2. Total = 264. Also a control of an adult dunling with a ring from Portugal.

Ringmerket: Polarsnipe 8, myrsnipe 223, sandløper 4, dvergsnipe 12, sandlo 4, strandsnipe 1, steinvender 10, stær 2. Total = 264. 

Dunlin ringed in Portugal. Myrsnipe med portugisisk ring. 

A record 11 grey seals were seen in the calm weather today, some of them very vocal and we could enjoy their strange song througout the day. 11 havert ble registrert i stille vær i dag, det høyeste antallet vi har registrert på Revtangen.

Large numbers of this tiny black fly was displaying in the vegetaion just behind the beach today, bobbing their behind up and down and flicking their wings. They are of the family Sepsidae, and probably the genus Themira (often referred to as black scavenger flies). En art av svingfluer (Sepsidae), trolig tilhørende slekten Themira.  

Håvard Husebø and Alf Tore Mjøs

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