søndag 30. august 2015

Revtangen BO August 30th

Today was "Open day" for the public at Revtangen BO between 09 and 15. The weather turned out to be better than forecasted a couple of days ago, with mostly sunny and a southerly breeze which was a bit too strong at times. The nets were open from 07-16, in addition we used 7 walk-in traps and 10 spring traps down at the beach at Revtangen. Trapping proved to be a bit of a challenge today, but as the sun and wind made trapping in the garden difficult after lunch, the traps at Revtangen produced enough dunlins so that everyone who visited us could see at least a couple of species ringed.  

Ringed: Dunlin 23, redshank 1, meadow pipit 19, barn swallow 2, whinchat 1, european robin 1, redwing 1, reed warbler 5, garden warbler 4, common whitethroat 1, willow warbler 3, starling 3, house sparrow 9, chaffinch 2. Total = 76. 

Ringmerket: Myrsnipe 23, rødstilk 1, heipiplerke 19, låvesvale 2, buskskvett 1, rødstrupe 1, rødvingetrost 1, rørsanger 6, hagesanger 4, tornsanger 1, løvsanger 3, stær 3, gråspurv 9, bokfink 2. Total = 76. 

Lots of red admirals for people to admire in the trapping garden today. Admiral.

This Least Yellow Underwing (Noctua interjecta) was the highlight of a poor result in the two moth traps we ran during the night. Brunt båndfly.

Bird Observatory team today: Amalie Ask, Ingvald Ekeland, Atle Fiskå, Asbjørn Folvik, Håvard Husebø, Alf Tore Mjøs, Bjørn-Tore Rekve Seim, Elisabeth Årsnes. At least 311 persons visited during the day, 191 adults and 120 children.  

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