mandag 10. august 2015

Revtangen BO August 7th

A short wader session from around 10.30-14.30 with 6 wader traps at Revtangen gave 52 ringed and 1 foreign control: bar-tailed godwit 5 adults, red knot 1 adult, redshank 1 juvenile, little stint 3 juveniles, dunlin 42. In addition a control of an adult red knot ringed in Iceland. 

Little stints ringd in Norway are colourringed with a yellow ring on right tibia with a 3-letter inscription. Dvergsnipe 1K. Sightings can be repoted to Kjell Mork Soot at

This adult red knot was already colourringed by a Norwegian project studying the migration of the western subspecies C.canutus islandica. This bird was one of 1100 red knots colourringed in NW Iceland in May 2014. All birds in this project have yellow flags with a 3-letter or two digit inscription. Birds ringed in Iceland carry flags on the right tibia, while birds ringed in the north of Norway carry flags on the left tibia. Markers (single colourring) on opposite tibia can be yellow or red. Sightings can be reported to Jim Wilson at:

Adult male bar-tailed godwit. Lappspove (adult hann).

Alf Tore Mjøs. 2 besøkende.

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