fredag 21. august 2015

Revtangen BO August 18th

Mainly sunny and ESE breeze, increasing wind, too windy and very poor trapping conditions after late morning. Nets were open 05.30-21.30, netmeter hours approx. 5000. Playback on garden warbler, reed warbler and grasshopper warbler through the night and early morning, linnet and tree pipit later in the morning, willow warbler and barn swallow later in the day. Playback had very little effect after the first small rush of warblers just after dawn. 

Ringed: Sparrowhawk 1, barn swallow 2, northern wheatear 1, redstart 3, grasshopper wabler 1, reed warbler 5, sedge warbler 1, icterine warbler 1, common whitethroat 2, garden warbler 6, willow warbler 37, pied flycatcher 2, spotted flycatcher 3, house sparrow 7, chaffinch 1, linnet 6. Total = 79. Also 7 controls. 

Ringmerket: Spurvehauk 1, låvesvale 2, steinskvett 1, rødstjert 3, gresshoppesanger 1, rørsanger 5, sivsanger 1, gulsanger 1, tornsanger 2, hagesanger 6, løvsanger 37, svarthvit fluesnapper 2, gråfluesnapper 3, gråspurv 7, bokfink 1, tornirisk 6. Total = 79.

Two new species in the 2015 ringing total today. 3 spotted flycatchers included two first-years and this adult (top), notice the new middle tertial but otherwise worn adult plumage. The icterine warbler (lower) can also be aged as an adult based on the very worn plumage. Both these species will undertake a complete moult after they reach the winter quarters.

A surprise find today of a new specis of dragonfly at Revtangen BO, Somatochlora arctica. This species has not been recorded at Jaeren since 1935. Two individuals were collected, one was trapped in a mist net.

Håvard Husebø and Alf Tore Mjøs. 

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