lørdag 29. august 2015

Revtangen August 28th - wader ringing

Today we tried trapping waders again, with 7 walk-in traps and 10 spring traps at Revtangen from around 09-15. Not a lot of waders in the area, but the rather strong SW made trapping with mistnets in the trapping garden impossible and the waders was our best chance for a decent catch. 

Ringed: Dunlin 55, sanderling 1, red knot 8, turnstone 7, redshank 2 (one robusta), starling 5. Total = 78.

Ringmerket: Myrsnipe 55, sandløper 1, polarsnipe 8, steinvender 7, rødstilk 2 (1 robusta), stær 5. Total = 78. 

The bird of the day was this colourringed lesser black-backed gull, one of 3 colourringed gulls read at Revesanden today. Blue JRN5 was ringed as a chick at Rauna in Farsund, 103 km to the SE from Revtangen, in July 1999. It was sighted once in Vendée, France in April 2004 and then it was not seen for more than 11 years before yesterday. It is very unusual that a colourringed gull with a well readable colourring goes unreported for such a long time.

Colourringed gulls from Norway have black, white, green or blue colourrings, always starting with the letter "J". They can be reported here: http://www.ringmerking.no/cr/

Observations: Merlin 1 (took a wader for lunch), red-throated diver 3 migrating south, little gull 1 first-winter going south. 

Håvard Husebø and Alf Tore Mjøs. 1 visitor.

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